• Ancient history
  • Footsteps of artists
  • 50 Km The length of the Verdon gorge
  • 2,900 Hours of sun per year

Provence, the cradle of creativity, has welcomed many famous artists who have been inspired by its picturesque landscapes.

It is also a land where wine, especially rosé, plays an essential role. Here, art and wine come together

to offer an unforgettable cultural and gastronomic experience.

Some examples

Olive oil discovery

Discover the authentic terroir of the region by immersing yourself in an experience dedicated to olive oil. Discover its ancient know-how and exquisite flavors for an unforgettable taste sensation.

An artist’s footsteps

Discover the rich artistic history of Provence on an immersive tour of the region. Immerse yourself in the life and work of Vincent van Gogh or Paul Cézanne, discover the places that inspired their creativity and let this artistic experience take you back in time.

Picnic in the lavender fields

In July, experience the magic of Provence with a picnic in the middle of lavender fields. Let yourself be enchanted by the scent and the feeling of pure wonder in this enchanting place. It’s an idyllic escape into the heart of nature’s beauty.