• City of Light
  • City of Love
  • 1st Touristic destination in the world
  • 100+ Exclusive experiences

Welcome to Paris, the capital of love and refinement, where museums abound,

masterpieces are everywhere and luxury is second nature.

A city of culture and discovery that fills every visitor with wonder.

Some examples

Michelin-starred cooking class

A cooking class with a Michelin-starred chef offers an unforgettable culinary immersion. Learn the secrets of a renowned chef, participate in the preparation of exceptional dishes, taste unique culinary creations; it is a gastronomic experience at the highest level.

In Napoleon’s footsteps

Walk in the footsteps of Napoleon and immerse yourself in the history of Paris. Explore iconic sites such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Invalides, discover the city’s imperial heritage and immerse yourself in the Napoleonic era in the heart of the French capital.

Family Circus

The world of circus arts is no longer a mystery! We offer you a complete immersion in the world of the circus and an extraordinary encounter with the acrobats; a truly magical experience for the whole family!