• Architectural treasures
  • Capital of Gastronomy
  • 2,000 Years
  • 60 Traboules or secret passage

Lyon combines picturesque architecture with renowned gastronomy.

Its cobbled streets reveal traditional cork shops offering Lyon’s culinary delights,

while its monuments, such as the Fourvière Basilica and Old Lyon, reveal a rich history and timeless charm.
A perfect fusion of flavours and architecture to seduce gourmets and lovers of urban beauty.

Some examples

Meet a glassblower

Discover Lyon’s glassblowing heritage in a mesmerizing workshop. Witness molten glass transformed into art, bridging tradition and creativity.

Silk workshop

Discover the intricate craftsmanship behind Lyon’s renowned silk industry during a hands-on masterclass and uncover the secrets of this timeless art form.

Discovering the Vieux Lyon

Explore the charming streets of Old Lyon with its Renaissance architecture, cosy bouchons serving authentic Lyonnais cuisine, hidden traboules and fascinating history around every corner.