• Unique region
  • Known all over the world
  • 250+M Of champagne produced every year
  • 49M Bubbles in a standard bottle of champagne

The Champagne region, birthplace of the King of Wines, is famous for its prestigious champagne houses such as Dom PĂ©rignon, Roederer and Ruinart.

Discovering this famous land will take you to the heart of the vineyards, where the art of winemaking meets the exuberance of tasting for a sparkling and unforgettable experience.

Some examples

Stain glass experience

Reims Cathedral is famous for its stained glass. This type of glass has played a major role in the beauty of cathedrals since the twelfth century. Visit one of the most famous stained glass manufacturers in France and the world !

Champagne tasting

Immersion in the world of this exceptional sparkling wine during a Champagne tasting at a prestigious Champagne house. Discover the history and artisanal tradition of the house as you savor the delicate notes of this liquid gold.

Immersive lunch

For an exclusive, elite experience, immersion in a captivating journey through the history of a Champagne house. During an elegant lunch, animated plate projections tell the story of this prestigious house, creating an unforgettable fusion of art, gastronomy and history.