• Tribes of Gallic celts
  • Kingdom of Burgundy
  • 8.21 Hectares per wine estate
  • 1% Of Grands Crus appellations

Located in the heart of France, Burgundy is famous for its world-renowned vineyards,

producing prestigious wines such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Its picturesque countryside, dotted with castles, green hills and charming villages,

attracts food and wine lovers as well as travelers in search of authenticity.

Some examples

Cooperage experience

Explore the ancient art of cooperage in an immersive experience. Discover the secrets of making the wooden barrels that give wines and spirits their unique character and appreciate the craftsmanship behind this fascinating wine tradition.

Grand Ducs de Bourgogne Rally

Take part in a car rally on the picturesque roads of the Grands Ducs de Bourgogne. Experience the thrill of driving while discovering the bucolic landscapes and charming villages of the region, an unforgettable adventure for car lovers and explorers.

Wine tasting experience

Discover the art of tasting in the privacy of a private winery. Explore unique flavours and exclusive vintages while immersing yourself in the history of the region for an authentic and refined wine experience.