• Port de la Lune
  • City of Wine
  • 23 Bottles of Bordeaux wines are sold every second worldwide
  • 6th French metropole

A majestic city with timeless charm, Bordeaux is famous for its prestigious wines.

With its rich architectural heritage and picturesque quays, it seduces lovers of wine

and French culture. A must for the connoisseur.

Some examples

Barrel tasting

Taste exceptional wines at a prestigious Bordeaux chateau during a barrel tasting experience. This immersion allows you to taste wines as they mature, capturing their pure essence and promise of greatness.

Classic car experience

Explore the majestic châteaux of Bordeaux in a vintage car that combines elegance and refinement. Enjoy the beauty of the vineyards from afar, then immerse in their privacy with privileged access for an exclusive tasting experience.

The Arcachon bay

Explore the Bassin d’Arcachon on board a traditional pinasse while enjoying fresh oysters. This experience combines the natural beauty of the basin with local flavours for an unforgettable maritime adventure.