• Ski paradise
  • Europe’s Roof
  • 4,808m Above sea level
  • 150+ Ski resorts

The French Alps are an exceptional winter destination, offering ski slopes of unrivalled quality. The atmosphere is warm, ideal for family holidays, with breathtaking snow-covered landscapes and activities for all ages to create unforgettable memories.

Some examples

Helicopter ride

Fly majestically over the French Alps in a helicopter and admire breathtaking panoramas where snow-capped peaks mingle with green valleys. An unforgettable aerial experience offers a unique perspective on the spectacular beauty of these iconic mountains.

Lunch in the middle of nowhere

Enjoying lunch in the heart of nature, surrounded by bespoke ice cream creations, is an experience that is both adventurous and magical. It is a moment when gastronomy blends with the splendour of nature to offer a unique feast in an enchanting setting.

Inuit Party

Gather the family for an Inuit wilderness experience, roasting marshmallows over a cosy wood fire. It is a warm and gourmet moment that strengthens bonds in the heart of wild nature.