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de Royer

Thomas Mesmin

"We created 1889 in year 2015, with the conviction that clients' knowledge and treatment will be a major and strategic topic for luxury brands in the next decade. At that time, there was no company 100% dedicated to luxury brands. 


Now a team of 10 people, we hired passionate project managers with previous job experiences within luxury brands, and a background in managing events. 


We are deeply convinced that it is now time for the maisons to switch from storytelling to story living, and to create an emotional relationship with their clients through unique and bespoke experiences." 


1889 is the only Experiential Agency dedicated to International Luxury Clients"

Tour eiffel 2.jpg

1889 Travel France was named after the year 1889, the year that the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris for the world fair, the Exposition Universelle. In the year 1889, France was first in the world for its excellence in luxury and crafts. At 1889 Experience, we also place excellence at the heart of our work: excellence of service, excellent attention to detail as well as to our unique locations and experiences.

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